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At 12:32am on May 20, 2010, Martin Hoyem said…
Thanks for mentioning American Ethnography on your blog! It's much appreciated!

PS. There's a typo: "... is definitely work a look." I suppose it should be "... is definitely worth a look."
At 8:10pm on May 3, 2010, Martin Hoyem said…
> Would you mind if I posted something about a couple of your projects on my blog???

You should do that. Wait ... "A couple of my projects?" How many projects do I have? :)

> In other news, I think you might like this work of this LA-based photographer. His work is damn good: http://wrobertangell.blogspot.com/

Great photos!
At 9:44pm on May 2, 2010, Keith Hart said…
Glad it was of some use, Ryan. The Ning thing preoccupies us, but we wait for an announcement of their new terms and conditions.
At 12:01am on May 2, 2010, Keith Hart said…
Fall at the earliest, maybe early 2011.
At 5:08pm on April 4, 2010, Keith Hart said…
Justin suggested that I cross-post stuff from my blog, but I felt it wasn't a real blog. What you have done is much more promising. We can invite members who are already bloggers to cross-post here. I have a response to your post, but I'll save it for later.
At 4:31pm on April 4, 2010, Keith Hart said…
Thanks, Ryan. It was your idea really. All we have to do now is to persuade one or two others to do the same. Perhaps then we will get nearer to individuals doing their partly synthetic thing on the home page without asking people to sign up for a common manifesto.
At 11:52pm on March 8, 2010, Keith Hart said…
I submitted the manuscript two days ago!
At 6:46pm on March 8, 2010, Keith Hart said…
Hi Ryan, Nice blog post at Ethnografix. As it happens, I sent off a text on economic anthropology to the publishers this weekend.No obligation of course, but you might find something in it. It took a lot of effort and a long time to write, partly because my co-author insisted on a dumbing down strategy and I wanted to go the other wayHann&Hart Econanth 6 March revised.doc. You will see. Keith
At 3:34am on October 13, 2009, Michael Heneise said…
Ryan Anderson - I held these photographs in a drawer for nearly 4 years because I had no information about the persons I was photographing. I was in the restricted autonomous district of Karbi Anglong in Eastern Assam studying Karbi music and musical instruments. At the time there were atrocities committed against rural Karbi people a few hours north of Diphu (these were never reported in the Indian or Western media). I was invited (seen as a neutral party) to be involved in the writing of a peace accord that was then adopted by leaders representing the Karbis and Kukis inhabiting the conflict area. In any event, I had only one afternoon to roam the Diphu marketplace to buy some fresh fruit and to capture some images of the market place. These images are of people of infinite value and worth - deserving of an opportunity to share their stories. But this could not happen then. Perhaps in sharing a bit about this place unknown to so many people, more would come to appreciate the intersection of Indigenous and Dravidian cultures. My attempt was to capture images of beauty and dignity in the people of Diphu - never to do them harm. But I like your approach and your critique - 100% valid and appreciated. Next time I'll do better (smile)


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