Hello fellow OACers,

I wondered whether anyone has come across work done on the way in which work in charitable trusts interrelates with notions of giving, altruism, cooperation and so forth.

Work on charitable trusts in general also appreciated.

Thanks very much for any pointers...

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Catherine Trundle has done some work on philanthropy. You can see her faculty page and publications here.
Marc Abélès published a book on the Silicon Valley new rich in 2002 and has recently turned to the question of the new philanthropy in the US.
Bird-David Nurit and Asaf Dar, 2009 “Mass Gifts: On Market Giving in Advanced
Capitalist Societies”:118-135 in S. Gudeman (ed.) Economic Persuasions. New York;
Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Silber, Ilana 1998 “Modern Philanthropy: Reassessing the Viability of a Maussian
Perspective”:134-150 in W. James and N. J. Allen (eds.), Marcel Mauss. A Century
Tribut. New York; Oxford: Berghahn Books

Marcus, Georges 2002 “The Gift and Globalization: A Prolegomenon to the
Anthropological Study of Contemporary Finance Capital and Its Mentalities”:38-49 in E.
Wyschogrod, J.-J.Goux and E. Boynton (eds.), The Enigma of Gift and Sacrifice. New
York: Fordham University Press.

Hi Katy,


Here is a review of 'third sector' (in the UK) organisations, and the focus is on the rhetoric of altruism. 

Fischer, William 1997 "Doing Good? The politics and anti-politics of NGO practices", Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol 26


There was a student at Aberdeen who did her dissertation on charities - Alison Brown was her supervisor - she might have more references.


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