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Welcome to the 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, which has the overall theme "Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds". The congress will be hosted by the University of Manchester with the support of Manchester City Council.

The Call for Papers is now open, and closes 31st January 2012.

Papers are invited for the Panels Proposed. The Paper Proposal may be sent on the following email addresses— misra9us@gmail.com ;alokchantia@rediffmail.com

  Please See the Attachments for the proposed panels.

All proposals may also be made via the online form, which requires contact details, names and emails of any co-authors, a paper title, a short paper abstract (under 300 characters including spaces), a long paper abstract (the more normal 250 words), and any special AV requirements. The contact details taken include date of birth. Please note this is kept private and simply functions to identify you (like a password) when you login into the system later.

Delegates should bear in mind the time that may be required to obtain visas as well as to secure funding.

For further details please see the website: www.iuaes2013.org 



Panel ID 1384

SE 04 The Role of Law, Culture & Humanity in the Framework of Human Rights

Law itself is a clear indication that the content of self, ethnocentrism are increasing day by day and that is why law is making an effort to restore the essence of human right which was evolved by man at the time of inception of culture. Culture is sandwitched between nation and international agencies. Hence, an equilibrium never comes among people, which may give an establishment of human right culture instead of culture among different groups. Education, economy, religion, population, value system, are different parameters which adversely affects human right culture universally and at that point, state uses a unique tool  of law for the mobility of humanity artificially by the imposition of cultural relativism. Human right should not take a unidirectional western approach as many religions blame. It should be analysed anthropologically in different micro and macro cultures that also have some strong and strict rules in the form of customary law to regulate human rights among people. So we may sketch a resonance between human rights granted in 1948 and human rights presence in customary law among different cultures of this world.

We propose to organize a panel to discuss the role of law as the establishment of human rights to ensure the essence of humanity in modern world among different cultures and this panel will also find out the reason of increasing fact of law to establish a forced humanity in the frame of human rights.


Panel ID 1385

SE 05  Etiology of Violence and Compassion in Social Life

Ethnocentrism and emotion create an environment of violence for human being of this earth, who have evolved from single family and species but different geographia has made them different in nature and behaviour as described by numerous anthropologists and social scientists.

Violence is as common as other elements of this earth which give compassion. Today our blue planet is in the clutch of violence. In Egypt, Seria, Lebnan and in many other countries of South East Asia people are unable to lead a normal life.

Due to growing terrorism world over, the human right violation has become an area of great concern. In the vision of terrorist, state is not doing well for their rights and for common people terrorists are violating their rights. Religion, political difference, cultural parameters like caste, race, gender are responsible for violence. Violence and compassion in social life is a multifarious phenomenon.

A common man across the world irrespective of any religion, economy, caste finds compassion in his social life when he/she sees the advancement of technology culture around him. It is a fact that all man of this earth are cultural being and no one can deny the facts of violence and compassion in social life. So it is very necessary to explore the type and category of violence and compassion in social life across the globe. In the light of above panel is proposed to discuss terrorism, religion, politics, ethnocentricism, human rights, economy, caste, gender to examine violence and compassion in social life.

Panel ID 1443

SE 06 Repulsive Violence - A Mandatory Tool For Maintaining Peace, Humanity, Social Solidarity And Affinity

Term Violence is discussed in different ways. It is generally perceived in negative sense, which needs reconsideration in modern world. Violence has travelled a long path since the advent of man on this blue planet and has assumed aggravated proportions with civilization. Violence can be of two types one which we understand in common sense as violence by people of nation or violence by the foreign agents which destroys the harmony of a nation or of the world. In radical sense it is remedial or corrective, which may be termed as repulsive violence – more positive in nature. Repulsive violence can generate an idea about humanity and assurance for human rights protection globally.

 Violence in common sense exists in EGYPT, SERIYA, YAMAN, INDO-PAK etc. Problem of all these countries may be solved with repulsive violence by state to protect common people and their rights. Philosophy of violence in the form of punishment helps the process of socialization, humanization in a child’s life, in an individual, group, society etc. It was genocide and homicide which generated an idea of protection of human rights in 1948. Fear of infliction of violence forces peace between two persons, two groups, communities, states and Nations. We can’t imagine an emerging world without a resonance of violence which makes people more aware, credible and sensitive for a group, culture, society and state. Anthropological jurisprudence can decipher how violence plays its role in maintaining peace, humanity, solidarity and affinity between a group, state or nation? Proposed panel will discuss spectrum of violence in negative and positive sense and its effect on humanity, solidarity and peace of the society which brings affinity ultimately.

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