Invitation for Managing Cultural And Linguistic Diversity And Social Inequality panel in Croatia 2016

Invitation For Paper Submission in IUAES 2016 It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences's (IUAES) Inter-Congress on the theme “World anthropologies and privatization of knowledge: engaging anthropology in public” which is to be held in Dubrovnik, Crotia from 4th to 9th May 2016. Deadline For Submission of Abstracts Is January 31st 2016, Midnight CET Panel ID 351 Panel Topic: Managing Cultural And Linguistic Diversity And Social Inequality Panel Theme: Every culture has its limit and carrying capacity but due to expansion of population, a process of migration started for livelihood from the time of Australopithecus to Homo sapiens sapiens. Migration has created repulsion against the process of acculturation due to identity crisis of belonging culture. Acculturation is very natural when more than two groups are living together for long time. But it is a high time when people of different cultural groups living in any country or state want to maintain their cultural identity and linguistic identity too. People learn mother tongue to retain identity and some alternative language for livelihood. Presently, English is playing a vital role for sustaining across the globe. With the knowledge of English, people also want to preserve their own language, which tells them their cultural story effectively. Instead of cultural relativism, ethnocentrism is increasing leading to an environment of hatred in different communities. Today enculturation acts as repulsive force for acculturation and a forced cultural life is coming into existence in the form of terrorism, fundamentalism etc., which is nothing but creating barriers for the development. Cultural and linguistic diversity ultimately increase social inequality. The world is divided into autocracy and democracy. We can analyse, by anthropological researches, which one is better to maintain cultural and linguistic diversity and minimize social inequality. . Submission of Abstract: Abstract may be submitted on following sub themes or on any topic of the main theme of the panel Sub Themes: # Terrorism, # Fundamentalism, # Democracy, # Autocracy, # Coping Management, # Cultural And Linguistic Diversity, # Social Inequality Abstracts may be submitted for oral presentations or for poster presentation. Abstracts are to be submitted on line. You are requested to submit an abstract in panel ID 351, please sign up and submit your abstract using the on line form. For details please see The copy of Paper Proposal may be sent on the following email address We encourage and request you to spread the word about this panel, among your colleagues and associates too. Note: All attending the IUAES Inter-Congress 2016 must register and all those convening and presenting must become IUAES members. Yo can find out more about membership on this link: We wish you a very warm welcome to Dubrovnik in 2016 ! With All Warm Wishes Convenor Dr. Alok Chantia, Lucknow University & AIRO, India Co Convenor Dr. Preeti misra, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, India

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