Hi everyone. I just wanted to direct your attention to a relatively short survey on the OAC (both this site and the Facebook group). This survey is part of an effort by a team that includes Keith Hart, Ryan Anderson, Fran Barone, and me. In response to both a changing technological platform and changing flows in social interaction and communication on the site, we think it's time to reassess what we're doing with the site, as well as more generally what a 'social network' means in the context of anthropology.Right now, we're just looking for feedback on how people are using the sites and what they think about it.

I've included a link to the survey here, though you may have already received one in email from Keith or seen the link on Facebook. It will remain open until March 31st, and I will publish the results after analysis as a point of further discussion if anyone is interested. If you have any comments about the survey, please feel free to post them here or message one or more of us with them.


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