Upcoming OAC online seminar: "Counting on Change," by Erin B. Taylor (June 22-July 6)

"Follow the money.” It sounds simple.

But what if there isn’t much money to begin with?

What if there are multiple currencies, including a fictional one used to talk about one of the others?

What if a major source of money is charitable donations controlled by large NGOs?

What if access to banks and other financial institutions is difficult and made easy for only a privileged few with  the right connections or the wealth to pay bribes?

What if money transfers involve handing cash to a boatman to deliver when he reaches the right port or, alternatively, using a smartphone?

Welcome to Haiti, where Erin Taylor conducted research on the relation of money to social inequality, and where knowing that Haiti’s GINI coefficient, a statistical measure of inequalities in income,  is one of the highest in the world only scratches the surface.

Erin’s paper is available online here.

Join us for the next OAC online seminar, June 22-July 6!!!

Just in case you missed it, here's the link to the paper: http://openanthcoop.net/press/2016/06/06/counting-on-change/

*Thanks goes out to OAC member John McCreery for helping put this seminar together!

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