WORKING GROUP DIDGE - coherent media

This working group is named after the digeridoo which can have certain drawings on it that suggest certain stories, certain sounds and certain dances.

This group aims in discussing the overal handling of the various non-textual media of Open Anthropology Cooperative. 

As you may have notice, there's a massive collection of visual media uploaded in this web page, under the 'share' page. However, the images and videos, are barely accesible, mainly because of the lack of any serious categorization. Insufficient labeling and captioning of images is the rule, and the only  way to narrow them are through a top-rated/most-viewed/random/recent system. We think that this is insufficient, misleading and even problematic, when we consider that instead we could have a great open access, user-made and user-friendly database of greatly diverse visual material. 


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Comment by Abraham Heinemann on November 23, 2011 at 8:30pm

from Christos:

We think is now a good time to discuss matters as:

- Do we need to reshape the media section - and how do we do that?
- Does it need to move upfront, instead of hiding behind "share" buttons?
- Do we want a different arrangement and categorization of the
   material - would that make it more accesible, usable and useful
   (i.e by using categories as Places, Themes etc.)?
- How could we achieve the above not by top-down editing and administration
   but rather through a user generated system (i.e. through a system of tagging)?
- Do we want some more linking and sharing with 'external' anthropological 
   visual resources and groups (such as in Vimeo, Flickr, blogs and university websites)?
- [And all other concerns and ideas you think as important in the course of such a        discussion]


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