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New Issue of Museum Anthropology Review

I am pleased to announce the publication of volume 3, number 1 of Museum Anthropology Review. MAR a free-to-users-and-authors open access journal of museum and material culture studies published in partnership with the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries through its IUScholarWorks program. It uses the open source software toolkit called Open Journal Systems and its content is licensed using Creative Commons licenses.

The new issue can be found at… Continue

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There is a new video in the Media Section of the 'Open Anthropology Cooperative'. It shows the architectural and spatial analysis done in one village (Ueda) of the Omihachiman region in Japan. The territorial function of the religious symbols is clearly shown, also their highly complex symbolisms and their elementary type of aesthetics (PRO-portion, coincidence of opposites). Note that they also represent local protector deities (Ujigami). They originally must have "created" sedentary life and… Continue

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Formalising personnel (in spanish)

There is a great ad at the moment encouraging employers to 'blanquear' their personnel, which means formalising, registering them - there is a tax moratorium right now enabling that without penalties. I am clearly not the only person to notice this, as it has provoked some comments on blogs, etc. Here is the ad itself + a parody version (about 'negreando' personnel, given the current financial crisis):…


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Greetings back from the Moving Anthropology Student Network

Replying to Keith's hello to the MASN (= The Moving Anthropology Student Network) I'd like to answer the same way by advertising our ning-group a little, too.

The MASN was constituted in Vienna in 2005 as a meeting ground and communication-platform for students of cultural and social anthropology. Since then we've come a long way, with meetings, workshops and conferences in half a… Continue

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Port-of-Spain then and now - is sustainable infrastructure dependent on a people's mindset?

A friend from the US Information Services of Trinidad & Tobago sent these photos of Colonial Trinidad via e-mail. While the photos bring back nostalgia and patriotism, they also bring to my mind questions on sustainable infrastructure and the cultural aspects of such, in Port-of-Spain.

I have heard my elderly relatives say they wish Colonialism never ended in Trinidad. I would of course scoff at this (and still do), but now I understand a bit what they meant. The workable order… Continue

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Anthropology of Space: Universe versus Habitat

We have put up a new discussion within the group "Environmental Anthropology". It deals with O. F. Bollnow's anthropology of space, resp. the "theory" that human space perception is primary related to the spatial organisation of the habitat: space in German = "Raum" < "räumen" = clear a place from wilderness plants and the like for dwelling.…


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Anthropology of Space: Universe versus Habitat

We have put up a new discussion within the group "Environmental Anthropology". It deals with O. F. Bollnow's anthropology of space, resp. the "theory" that human space perception is primary related to the spatial organisation of the habitat: space in German = "Raum" < "räumen" = clear a place from wilderness plants and the like for dwelling.…


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Trinidad’s love affair with music from the 1980s – more to it than meets the ear…

It happens at any party – the house party, the club, the political party, even at church harvests, this return to music from the 1980s.

I left Trinidad as a teenager to live/study/work abroad and never really went back until Valentine’s Day 2006, returning with adult eyes eleven years after. One big experiment, with me being a variable as well! I wouldn’t give away all the juicy details of my re-adjustment (or lack thereof in some cases) to the most southerly isle of the Caribbean,… Continue

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There is a new video in our group showing "Semantic Architecture" in Japan (see former photos, but now with explanations). Christian religion found these sacred buildings formed with plant materials in many traditional societies all over the world. Since they were built as deities or other sacred objects they were classified into religion, but, since they were made with primitive construction methods (which for the local peoples means: very old and valuable things!) the missionaries classified… Continue

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Brief Note:


The end of the twentieth century has seen momentous shifts both in

production and in production relations, now visible in new clusters that

dominate physical and intellectual landscapes. This has substantially

changed the way we perceive ourselves, as well as the world around us.

And yet, this transformation is only partial, visible in some landscapes.

Old theories are inadequate to address the… Continue

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Open Access: "Stop worrying about journals and learn to love repositories"

Mike Smith has a terrific posting about a scientific discipline (High Energy Physics) that created their own online repository for papers over ten years ago, and a recent paper that concludes that citations of these papers are five times those not archived.

Read it at Publishing Archaeology.

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Tribos Urbanas?

Ao observar a vida urbana da grande Lisboa, dei comigo a pensar na imensa diversidade que existe nos grandes centros, como pode ser observado por qualquer um de nós, e que, embora esteja cada vez mais impregnado o individualismo é o próprio indíviduo que necessita de fazer parte de algo. Ora aí está o ponto fundamental da discussão aqui lançada, a pertença ao grupo. Creio eu que em primeiro lugar o indíviduo se fascina com as características do grupo ao qual pretende pertencer, ou seja, estão… Continue

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Four Stone Hearth #71

Four Stone Hearth rounds up the best anthropology blogging of the past fortnight in one handy carnival. This time is hosting Four Stone Hearth #71 - Australiana Edition.

Four Stone Hearth covers archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology, with applied stuff… Continue

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What is "Traditional Architecture"?

There is a new Discussion Theme in the Group "Anthropology of Habitat and Architecture". It deals with the ethnology or anthropology of the house and its problems. It also introduces a new class: (topo-)semantic and symbolic architecture (life tree-fetish-maypole-complex) and what it can contribute to our understanding of (Neolithic type of) sedentary village culture.

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Trade unions of public sector workers in Argentina.

This is some information about my current fieldwork. I am hoping to add to it as I find the time, but for now, below is a summary of my current research.

I am currently conducting fieldwork for a research project on ‘Citizenship, Trade Unionism and Subjectivity in Buenos Aires’. Argentinean trade unions are a totally fascinating field, in part because of a history of (sometimes contested) support for the Peronist movement from the 1940s onwards. In a world where – the story goes –… Continue

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Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling is extending its deadline for submission, this time to July 13. I expect few interesting talks on the interactive and collaborative storytelling (and story-making) in virtual worlds there at the event (to be held in Portugal in December 2009). Among the suggested topics I found a few that I'd really like to learn more about,… Continue

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Relocation, Relocation

I've suggested in a couple of OAC places that the heart of this site ought to be its Discussion Forum. That is where we can collectively exploit the threaded sociality that characterises this kind of website - a sociality that is primarily spun through threads not groups.

The individual and collective benefits of starting a thread in the Discussion Forum as opposed to a group are by now clear. As an individual thread… Continue

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Reference Library

Often I find I encounter something interesting in core classes which is not covered in depth; I also find if I do not note it somewhere I will forget to follow-up on lines of inquiry of interest to me. This unorganized method of study has gotten me into trouble when trying to disengage from what is interesting and focus on what is required. Out of sheer self-preservation, I have been creating a database of sources; I have decided to post links to them online, making them accessible wherever I… Continue

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New articles on

Published two new articles on Antrocom, Online Journal of Anthropology:

Comunicare la Storia Naturale dell’Uomo: ombre e luci

The Myth of Hero, morphology and semantic of heroic archetype

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Anthropology: the long view and the long, thoughtful reply

I hope my "15 minutes of fame" is reduced to 15 seconds of notice for the time being; I am not quite ready for prime-time. I am a non-traditional, anthropology major in a mid-west community college. This is my third career change; mother, IT admin, prospective anthropologist with a keen interest in Symbolic anthropology, on the linear path.

I admit to a degree of discomfort at having to relinquish one of my favorite symbolic representations; my userid. One of the conditions of the… Continue

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