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Amazing! I am surprised and grateful that my American Ethnologist essay, “Writing Against Identity Politics,” has gotten over 1,000 views on in a little over a year. This is on top of over 2,000 viewers and subscribers on Facebook and other educational, non-profit sites. I am glad that the word is getting out about the bureaucratic machine as a system of divine torture.…


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The Heart at East Ceremony, May 21, 2013 -- Powerpoint Biographic Presentation

I am grateful to Dana Peleg for the translation from the Hebrew to the English, and to Ido Elkobi who prepared the powerpoint presentation for the Heart at East NGO coalition for cultural rights.

It's attached in PDF format.SmadarLavie_PresentationEn.pdf

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Heart at East: The Coalition for Equal Distribution of Cultural Funds in Israel

On May 21, 2013, in Tel Aviv, I'm going to be awarded the Heart at East lifetime achievement plaque for my feminist-of-color activism, community leadership and academic scholarship. Heart at East is a coalition of 20 or so NGOs that aims to remedy the near complete lack of cultural rights and representation for Israel's majority citizenry, the Mizrahim.

The Heart at East lifetime achievement plaque was created as an…


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Writing Against Identity Politics: An Essay on Gender, Race, and Bureaucratic Pain (AE vol 39 no. 4)

My essay, “Writing Against Identity Politics: An Essay on Gender, Race, and Bureaucratic Pain,” appears in the latest issue of American Ethnologist (Volume 39, Issue 4). Here is its abstract:

Equating bureaucratic entanglements with pain—or what, arguably, can be seen as torture—might seem strange. But for single Mizrahi welfare mothers in Israel, somatization of bureaucratic logic as physical pain precludes…


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Gaza and the Mizrahi Predicament

This is a recording of a long dialogue, followed by an audience Q & A, held at the Cork chapter of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign on January 17, 2009. The topic covers the position of Mizrahim within the Israel-Palestine conflict. It provides a good introduction to the dilemmas and predicaments faced by Mizrahim as Jewish Israeli citizens who have origins in the Muslim World. The talk also analyzes the reasons why the Israeli political center moves farther and farther toward…


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About 6 weeks ago Netanyahu called for the dismissal of the Knesset and for early elections, closely following the U.S. elections. The reason for dismissal of the government was a gridlock in the Knesset over Netanyahu’s draconian national budget for 2013. The call for the elections defused the threat for more social protests, given the steep price increases for food, rent, gas etc. since spring 2012. A mini operation, or a dress rehearsal for this one, was carried out in June 2012. Another…


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Iran-Israel: Social Protest and Military Action

“The Knafo Chronicles: Marching on Jerusalem With Israel’s Silent Majority,” published in AFFILIA: Journal of Women and Social Work highlights the key links between social protest movements by Israel’s marginalized Mizrahim (“Easterners,” Hebrew) and heightened Israeli aggression against Palestinians and Muslim neighboring states--most recently, Iran. Since summer 2011, Israel has been beset by…


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