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Oh Boy! What a haul.

One of my classmates in BritLit I posted a link in our discussion board to the brand new Staffordshire Anglo-Saxon treasure. I almost passed it by because the last link posted contained some lovely silver but nothing compared to this haul. In viewing the BBC report I came across an interview with the finder, a regular chap out pursuing his hobby, Terry Herbert. I was impressed with his perception and attitude regarding his find. He says it was more exciting to watch the reactions of the… Continue

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Fall '09: BritLit!

I have the great pleasure of taking British Literature I, Medieval through Restoration with an excellent teacher. I had her for BritLit II last winter and have looked forward to this class since that time. I get to spend the first six weeks wallowing in the roots of British literature, and Arthurian Legend. Our first reading was The Dream of the Rood. A lovely poem teaching the crucifixion from the tree's point of view. Much can be derived from this short but deep work, author unknown.… Continue

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Reference Library

Often I find I encounter something interesting in core classes which is not covered in depth; I also find if I do not note it somewhere I will forget to follow-up on lines of inquiry of interest to me. This unorganized method of study has gotten me into trouble when trying to disengage from what is interesting and focus on what is required. Out of sheer self-preservation, I have been creating a database of sources; I have decided to post links to them online, making them accessible wherever I… Continue

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Anthropology: the long view and the long, thoughtful reply

I hope my "15 minutes of fame" is reduced to 15 seconds of notice for the time being; I am not quite ready for prime-time. I am a non-traditional, anthropology major in a mid-west community college. This is my third career change; mother, IT admin, prospective anthropologist with a keen interest in Symbolic anthropology, on the linear path.

I admit to a degree of discomfort at having to relinquish one of my favorite symbolic representations; my userid. One of the conditions of the… Continue

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