Key-words: Anthropogenic Global Hitting, Creative Speaking/Hearing Subjects, Crippling Of Linguistic Creativity, Luddite Philosophy, paraavaak.


Statement of theoretical and methodological framework:

In case of crippling of linguistic creativity, this paper heavily depends on the post-structuralism, where the concept of non-contaminated transcendental cogito is negated.Secondly, the paper deploys the deductive method for understanding the endangerment of I-Language. Lastly, the indigenous cultural knowledge is emphasized from the perspective of  Luddite Philosophy.

The research questions focused upon:

There are two problem questions: (a) how does one enumerate/determine boundaries of imagined nation state or ethnic group on the basis of module, E-Language, arbitrary signs in the context of plurilingual situation without considering convergence of E-Languages? (b) if the Homo sapiens and their habitat are at the verge of extinction due to anthropogenic global dimming, why should one concentrate on epi-phenomenal E-Language instead of reducing limiting climate change? There is no time for engaging oneself with the purpose of linguistics as it was set at the time of the World War II.


The empirical materials explored

This paper mainly depends on the various reports on climate change (e.g., National Climatic Data Center, USA, Geophysical Society) as well as subjective engagement of the Creative Speaking/Hearing Subjects’ (CS/HS) corporeal. And for the indigenous cultural knowledge (on climate), the author depends on the anthropological surveys and folklores and his own ethnomethodological surveys in the industrial belts, mines and quarries.

Preliminary/final findings of the study:

The situation is drab-–the Homo sapiens and their habitat are at the verge of extinction. If the narrative  of global warming is to be believed,  almost 650 crore plus  CS/HSs (along with flora and fauna) living within only 1.5X 108 square K.M. area of the earth, are going to be extinct.  The ices are melting, thanks to the unplanned industrialization and as a consequence, sea-level is rising at a level, where CS/HSs are ceased to be existed due to the outcome of anthropogenic global dimming.   


How the study being reported is related to LanDpost:

Apart from the facts of neo-colonization, linguistic imperialism, linguistic genocide, the impact of post-industrialized society on climate plays a crucial role in shaping the future of communication. If warming of the earth could cause earth’s axis to tilt and would affect its spinning (US Geophysical Society’s Report 2008), in a consequence, the electromagnetic field would also be affected; that entails the collapsing of geostationary satellites; thus the whole cybernetic communication system will be jeopardized. LanDpost is a perfect epistemological platform for sharing such (and many more) empirical facts for a sustainable retreat form the neo-imperial anti-green development.

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