Books: Lanugage, Globalization, Gender, Oh My . . .

It has been about . . . a year since I have been on here (I think)? I meant to be posting my thoughts, especially regarding the Sociolinguistics of Globalization, but it didn't happen.* Currently wading into Global Transformations by Troillot, and while I appreciate it is a bit slow to get into the really gritty details. Feels sort of like a course on anthropological theory, though I am only on Chapter 2.

However, another great read, especially if you are looking at gender is "Men as women, Women as men," by Sabine Lang. I noticed it is currently missing on Wikipedia and decided to fix that^, however I am having problems with finding sources to establish notability. The book is amazing, not only as a unified source of information, but for its objectivity and analysis. So, I'm kind of surprised that I am not turning up more than every website that sells the thing. If anyone can send something my way to help establish that the book is notable, it would be helpful.

* Good book. Finally finished after reading it off and on. One of the best looks at the processes of globalization and their impacts on languages (and vice versa).

^ And by fix, I mean create a stub of an article to get things rolling.

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