Autumn comes.

The farmost land of Viet Nam becomes attractive. Not only with meandering routes and spectacular elbow curves or yellowish earth houses. But also with numerous colours of buckwheat flowers. Whenever it’s time for buckwheat flowers to blossom, all the fields are covered in a pinkish colour. It nailing and attracting your eyes to stop by, to find your corner and to contemplate. Buckwheat flowers are planted every where in northern part of Viet Nam. You will find it in Lao Cai and Cao Bang. But my heart was taken away with the buckwheat that I saw in Ha Giang.

Buckwheat in Ha Giang where spread throughout Dong Van, Xin Man and Hoang Su Phi. This is a provisions plant for the poor minority people, which is planted to provide spare food for between-crops periods, fermenting for wine or making medicine. While their trunks to be made food for animals.

Buckwheats is a kind that belong to bean species. Their petals gather to make a conical shape with three triangular faces in between, holding a precious seed. However, because of their lower production than corns and rice of only over 20kg/hectare, the buckwheat flowers planting area is not expanded.

The colours of buckwheat flowers change in time.

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