So after a long hiatus- nothing personal, just no internet connection!- I have come back to OAC and wanted to share this with you:

I'm collaborating with this organisation on a research project to do with Welsh cider, but I have got fascinated by this collection concept. It's apparently the only virtual archive of its sort. I can't decide whether it's a great idea, or a death-knell for curating. It's kind of a DIY exhibition, or at least it can be. There are some nifty tools, for instance you can repurpose any image already uploaded, you don't have to upload yourself to use the site, and the copyright is cleared impeccably. I would be all for this if it didn't coincide with a raft of cuts to cultural institutions in Wales, in which case I'm anxious that digital heritage archives will be viewed as a replacement for live exhibition.

I'm trying this through blogging it as I wanted to share this with the Wales group, but conversations tend to get a bit lost on here, or, at least, they used to.

Best wishes, Elaine

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