Hybrid Methodologies in Business Anthropology

I just joined the COOP and am pleased to see so much activity from such an array of anthropologists.  I am a Principal at Weinman Schnee Morais, a marketing research firm in NYC (www.wsm-inc.com).  We often blend anthropological and psychological methods in our reseach.  For more on how to do that, see the following of my publications:


Refocusing Focus Groups: A Practical Guide.  Ithaca: Paramount Market Publishing.  2010.


How Anthropologists Can Succeed in Business: Mediating Multiple Worlds of Inquiry. International Journal of Business Anthropology. 1(1): 45-56. 2010. (with Timothy de Waal Malefyt).


Anthropologists and Business: Through the Looking Glass.  SfAA News (Published by the Society for Applied Anthropology).  August 2010. Volume 21, Number 3.  Pp. 5-8.


I am also talking about these topics at the AAA meetings in Montreal, November 2011, as follows:   


Hybrid Approaches in Advertising Research.  For the session: "The Legacies and Future Directions of Business Anthropology" (Talk based upon work with Timothy de Waal Malefyt).  


Anthropology in Focus Groups: Expanded Opportunities for Anthropologists in Marketing Research.  Workshop for the National Association of Practicing Anthropologists (NAPA).  


I look forward to sharing ideas with many of you.


Bob Morais


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Comment by Michael Alexeevich Popov on May 12, 2011 at 12:59pm
please, read http:// arxiv.org / abs /0904.3074 ( los-Alamos archive of preprints ) P vs NP problem in the field anthropology by Michael Popov.
Comment by Robert J. Morais on April 25, 2011 at 4:05pm

John, thanks for your interest.  I am aware of your good work -- and our overlaps.  The journals in which my academic articles appear do not permit mass posting of pdf's.  If you personally would like an article, I can email it to you with the understanding that you will not post or email it.  Many of my trade articles are posted under Publications at www.wsm-inc.com.  Refocusing Focus Groups is available at amazon.com and paramountbooks.com.  It's practical rather than academic (so it's priced accordingly) and it is a quick read.



Comment by John McCreery on April 25, 2011 at 3:54am
Bob, your work sounds very interesting. Any chance that the publications you mention could be made available in PDF? Lots of us here are independent scholars or based in places that make access to libraries a dicey, time-consuming proposition. A "download here" link could make the difference between someone taking a serious look and slipping off the radar because too many other things are, even if not more urgent, easier to get to.


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