Child, Youth and Human Rights

Child is the father of man, child is the image of God, youth is the source of energy and provides base for the development of the society, all these parlances are derived from culture. But within cultural framework child is neglected one.  Enormous works have been inked on culture but very few on children and youth in cultural framework which make an environment to examine different models of children life among tribes which could give a fruitful result in the era of globalization and increasing pace of urbanization.

  It is well known fact that increasing pace of population make an effect of formation of many socio-political boundaries which restrict the mobilization of people from one place to another place and it was titration point where many cultural groups kept them away from conventional education in the hope of better life in the Nation –state frame work. It became only a speculation because an imbalance was increasing between natural resources and population, this scenario made child and youth as sandwich between conventional and modern value, education and it is also not an easy task to provide a well established job to everyone. in absence of smooth life and keeping away from conventional or cultural life a child and youth have no option other than sanctioned path which led an era of youth unrest, role of youth in terrorism, child labor, child abuse, youth unemployment , confused life style, role of youth in family responsibility, behavior  of child with or without family, cruelty among children etc all are very important and emerging consequences among child and youth in emerging world which is nothing but a sort of violation of human rights . In proposed panel an attempt has been made to encompass all those areas which could reflect the construction and deconstruction of child and youth in the frame of Human rights with following sub topics --

Human rights of children in emerging world

Human rights of Youth in emerging world

Globalization, children and youth

Human rights of girl child

Human rights of urban child and youth

Human rights of rural child and youth

Human rights of tribal child and youth

Human rights and involvement of youth in terrorism

Human rights , cruelty and youth

Human rights, child trafficking, Child prostitution and child abuse

Violence, children and human rights

Human rights, sexuality and youth

Media, youth and child

Human rights of children and youth living with HIV/AIDS

Human rights of child labour

Human right to education and children

Human rights of minority children

Child marriage, Child criminality, Children in destitute

Human rights of Children with Disabilities

Human rights of Street children and children in a Scavenging Community


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