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SE 04 The Role of Law, Culture & Humanity in the Framework of Human Rights

Law itself is a clear indication that the content of self, ethnocentrism are increasing day by day and that is why law is making an effort to restore the essence of human right which was evolved by man at the time of inception of culture. Culture is sandwitched between nation and international agencies. Hence, an equilibrium never comes among people, which may give an establishment of human right culture instead of culture among different groups. Education, economy, religion, population, value system, are different parameters which adversely affects human right culture universally and at that point, state uses a unique tool  of law for the mobility of humanity artificially by the imposition of cultural relativism. Human right should not take a unidirectional western approach as many religions blame. It should be analysed anthropologically in different micro and macro cultures that also have some strong and strict rules in the form of customary law to regulate human rights among people. So we may sketch a resonance between human rights granted in 1948 and human rights presence in customary law among different cultures of this world.

We propose to organize a panel to discuss the role of law as the establishment of human rights to ensure the essence of humanity in modern world among different cultures and this panel will also find out the reason of increasing fact of law to establish a forced humanity in the frame of human rights.

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