About 6 weeks ago Netanyahu called for the dismissal of the Knesset and for early elections, closely following the U.S. elections. The reason for dismissal of the government was a gridlock in the Knesset over Netanyahu’s draconian national budget for 2013. The call for the elections defused the threat for more social protests, given the steep price increases for food, rent, gas etc. since spring 2012. A mini operation, or a dress rehearsal for this one, was carried out in June 2012. Another purpose for the “dress rehearsal” was to preempt any possibility of the Occupy movement return in summer 2012. The timing of the Israeli elections is ominous. In 2008, in the month or so between Obama’s elections and inauguration, Israel conducted Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Israel follows the same script over and over again. I outlined this script in "The Knafo Chronicles." Its epilogue ends with a predicament of Israel’s next military moves against Palestinians or Muslim citizens of Israel’s neighboring states in order to squelch Israeli social protest for the sake of “national security.” The move is also aimed at securing Netanyahu's reelections as Israel's prime minister.

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