'Lesbian Discourses' - Book Review 

May be downloaded from: https://www.academia.edu/413015/Review_of_the_Lesbian_Discourses_Im...

  " 2008. Review of the  Lesbian Discourses  Images of a Community. Koller, Veronika Routledge Studies in Linguistics  Routledge (Taylor and Francis) 2008 LINGUIST List 19.3230. Eastern Michigan University

The book under review is on sexuality (act-pleasure-desire), or rather on the corporeal - or on the language of a specific counter-hegemonic ''marginal'' sexual behavior, that struggles to show the concerned community's visibility as a (non-) mirror of ''other'', though this marginalized ''other'''s imagination is also a dominant mainstream communal imagiNATION. The book is searching a/many standpoint/s of lesbians in the given spatio-temporal constraints of England, Germany (partly), and the United States. The module of imagined state (of affairs) here is not the religion, neither language, nor so called ''race'', but the woman-woman relationship or the care of imagined collective selves. This book, from the perspective of linguistics, is a plurisecular metadiscourse on the discourse of/on lesbianism.

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