Meta/Petite Narrative of Bharat (Bangla, English & Italian versions) with an Interview on This Narrative

Meta/Petite Narrative of Bharat (Bangla, English & Italian vers...

This is for your kind information: 

I’ve introduced a new disciplinary technology called “Silence Studies” within the ambit of macro-lingustics. The term ‘silenceme’ is coined in analogy with phoneme, morpheme etc. (cf.



Instead of writing a technical paper on it, I composed a pseudo-novel in Bangla:

It was subsequently translated by me into English at the Silence Digest, Virginia University:

After that it was translated into Italian, thanks to Stefano Pocci & Diaforia group, Milan, Italy. The Psychology of Silence : English & Italian Translations:

The same Diaforia group, who took a lengthy interview, where I explained Indian Psycholinguistics and a different type of communication system(s)related to “Corporeal Studies”( another disciplinary technology introduced by me. cf. 

Cf. Interview in English:

Interview in Italian:

The Psychology of Silence : English & Italian Translations:

also see:

One may accuse me that I‘m deviating from the rigor of strict “scientific” writing. In this case, I must reiterate the present position of Julia Kristeva, who had influenced me much to frame my anti-chomskian “Crippled Linguistic Creativity Hypothesis”, which was also subscribed by Chomsky himself(personal correspondence, 1994-95). Cf. 

Colophon: Stefano Pocci,Diaforia; Silent Digest, Virginia University. 

Also See :


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